Hemani Apple Oil 30ML

Known to provide energy, has pleasant fragrance and good for massage.

Do you long for skin that is supple, blemish-free and radiant?

Is your skin too sensitive that even a walk in the evening leaves it sunburnt?

What you need is a natural skin tonic that will not just protect your skin from the UV rays of the skin, but also will rejuvenate it and keep it glowing and healthy! We have just the remedy for all your skin woes- The apple seed oil! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! We all are well versed with this famous adage.

It highlights the benefits of an apple in a very simple manner. But little do people know how important the oil derived from apple seeds can be.

These seeds are refined; undergo a bleaching process and are deodorized before the oil is extracted from them. It may not sound very convincing, but the seeds of an apple contain monounsaturated fatty acids that benefit the skin immensely.

Some people use apple oil in everyday cooking, while others use it topically, especially to massage newborn babies because of its various skin benefits.

Other than being used as cooking oil, you can use apple seed oil to cure acne, fight against aging and even remove stretch marks.



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